Meet your Guide  

Howdy, My Name is John Pierce and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised on my Dad's ranch, the (Jackson Place) on Thompson Creek in 1959.  In 1997 I purchased his ranch and then in 1999 I bought the adjoining Whitney Ranch, named it the 7W Ranch, and set up Headquarters there.  I have been guiding hunters on Dad's place every year since 1971. In 1999, I started to build a hunting lodge here at the 7W that I figure hunters would appreciate and place high on there list of great places to hunt.

As well as ranching I have been involved in the earth moving construction business since High School and truly love that line of work. After buying the ranches I was fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to build a 18 Hole golf course and a 5,500 foot airstrip in Hulett, Wyoming and completed the last of the projects in 2003.  With plans of improving things here at the ranch, I intend to slow the construction end of the work and devote more time to projects here at home.

Welcome to the Ranch, I know your time here will be an ever lasting memory.

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